Lifechanger 🙌
I love everything about the Hizero, and their customer service/aftercare is incredible
Kelsey Talent
1 month ago
I had an issue with my Hizero, so I took it in to the Perth office and saw Mel who not only helped me with the issue, rectified it immediately but also provided me with an upgrade and accessories. Alongside this, she taught me in...
Jennifer Jane​
2 months ago
I honestly cannot believe the service I have received from the Cannon Hill team! I let hizero know I was having issues within an hour Jason was at my door picking up the hizero three hours later it was back fixed under guarantee and back...
Jade Kimberley Taylor​
4 months ago
Best cleaning product ever and excellent customer service
Ryan Shannan
5 months ago
Wanted to say acknowledge the great customer service you provide, I’ve had my machine since September 2019 and had a couple issues over the time, each time customer service us been great. Unfortunately on Good Friday my hizero died, I messaged and to my surprise...
Natalie Trethowen
7 months ago
I was having a few issues with my hizero and called the QLD store and spoke with Jason. He was able to quickly find the problem over FaceTime and it’s back up and running! Easy solution and great customer service. Thank you Jason!
Melissa Purkiss
7 months ago
Honestly I love my hizero and I’m so impressed with the customer service I receive every single time I send an email/phone call or message though Facebook. That alone makes me very happy and I will recommend Hizero to everyone.
Kess Leigh​
7 months ago
This week I’ve received the best customer service from Dawn. She sent me out a part I needed then face timed me to help me get my machine going again to save me the trip in (almost an hour drive) with my kids. So grateful...
Marissa Charles​
8 months ago
Best investment, I did lots of googling to find the best one for me and I am super happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend. Putting together out the box was a bit of a mission but thanks to a YouTube video 5 min...
Rachael Phillips​
9 months ago
Amazing mop and even better customer service 👌🏻 I recommend this to all my friends with small children, it makes keeping the floors clean a simple task that can be done one handed with a baby on your hip. Picks up more dust/dirt than my...
Sammy Circle
1 month ago
Everything . Even down to the service. When I have an issue with my mop I call DAWN at the Malaga office . She is amazing . Always happy to help. Always solves my issue. Can’t recommend Hizero and the staff at Malaga enough ....
Kerry Cornish Redding​
2 months ago
Not only is Hizero a game changer for families with young children, they also have the most amazing team who were so helpful and supportive when our machine developed a fault. Thank you all for the great service!
Adeline WG
4 months ago
This is AMAZING! I wish I knew of it sooner! Makes cleaning up after my 2 and a half year old so easy and with a 6 month old too the floor after meal times can be pretty messy. The Hizero is so good, so...
Lauren Thewlis
5 months ago
Jason Facetimed us and sorted out the problem immediately. Excellent customer service. Love the product and after sales is brilliant. Highly recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Tanya Cann
7 months ago
My HiZero foam roller had stopped spinning and honestly at 8 months pregnant in a tropical QLD summer I was not looking forward to the hassle of getting it fixed and going back to a mop and bucket Karen was able...
Rhiannon Haskins
7 months ago
- I've had it 6 months and all my parts are still in great condition
- sweeps, mops and dries in one motion
- One tank does almost my whole house
- dries in under a minute and never leaves wet and...
Suzie Barrak
7 months ago
Tried another model around similar pricing but sent it back and purchased the Hizero. Its fantastic. 4.5 stars.
Mégan Ward
9 months ago
I've had my hizero since march 2020 and fell in love with it straight away so easy to use/clean, cuts time in half when cleaning my floors with 3 kids my floors also dry instantly so anyone can walk on them straight after. when I've...
Karina Ward
9 months ago
Highly recommend fantastic customer support and absolutely amazing product wish I knew about the Hizero earlier it’s changed my life. Highly recommend this product 🙂
Cassie Wilkinson
9 months ago