Hizero F803 all-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

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Introducing revolutionary hard floor cleaning.

Hizero harnesses revolutionary bionic technology design approaches to create a truly versatile appliance with awe inspiring benefits.
An all in one, cordless hard floor cleaning solution that sweeps, mops and dries using a unique high-density, gentle yet hard wearing polymer soft surface roller, which self cleans as it goes. Enjoy hard floor surfaces hygienically clean, free of scratches, and looking beautiful.

  • Love the Hizero Excellent cleaning on my tiled floors! Does the job very well but a little pricey.

    Wendy Hendry Avatar Wendy Hendry
    January 24, 2022
  • I couldn't be without my Hizero now, super easy to use and cleans up all spills. Definitely worth the investment!

    Sarah Atkinson Avatar Sarah Atkinson
    January 11, 2022
  • Absolutely love my Hizero! It was a little pricey, but it was a worthy investment and it does a great job on my floors!

    Helen Gibson-Baker Avatar Helen Gibson-Baker
    January 12, 2022
  • Love it 😍 Definitely recommend Best gadget I’ve had 😁

    Marie Simpson Avatar Marie Simpson
    January 24, 2022
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We clean your hard floors like no-one else, leaving them beautiful and pristine.

Hizero Ultimate Clean™ technology taps into nature using bionic-based science to deliver super-smart solutions for twenty-first century homes and lifestyles. Emulating the way animals lick up liquids and solids, our lightweight, contemporary floor cleaners are hyper-efficient and whisper-quiet.

Quiet Mark™ Award.

The Hizero F803 has been awarded the prestigious Quiet Mark. Quiet Mark™ is the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation (est.1959). Through scientific testing and assessment Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products in multiple categories spanning many sectors, including: home appliances and technology, building sector materials and commercial sector products.
Quiet Mark certification is the unique consumer and trade champion mark of approval and resource platform. It provides reliable and independent information about the sound a product makes and approved noise reduction performance before purchase with the primary focus to improve health and wellbeing. Stimulating manufacturing worldwide to prioritise responsible acoustic design to reduce noise pollution.

Advanced Self-Cleaning, Waste-Sorting and LED Indicating Technology

A specialized polymer roller head separates solid from liquid waste, while a dual-tank water system keeps the roller clean throughout the cleaning process. No other cleaning required! For clean-up, simply dispose of the dust tray and empty the waste water tank. Smart LED indicator lights let you know when something is wrong with the rollers or it’s time to change the water, and easy-to-replace parts make maintenance a breeze.

Superior Performance

Hizero’s proprietary wet/dry dual-cleaning system cleans up any combination of solid and liquid materials in a snap. One pass leaves your floor spotless, dry and sparkling. And its unique polymer roller head ensures no damage or scratches for all hard floors. This world’s first dual-use cordless hard floor mop based on bionic principles makes it outstanding to win the annual “2017 NEW PRODUCT of the year” at Las Vegas VDTA exhibition in Feb 2017 and several additional awards globally.

Allergy & Asthma friendly

Hizero UltimateClean™ also differs from traditional vacuum cleaners and mops because it does not release dust or allergens, instead it captures them in specific compartments built into the slender body, making it a premium choice for people with an allergy or Asthma.

Designed for Comfort and Flexibility

The Hizero F803 features a rotating head, a two-wheel system for easy maneuverability, and an upper body with a maximum 70 degrees of movement makes it easy to clean under shelves and furniture, and access other hard-to-reach places. Cordless operation means no more worrying about electrical outlets or tangled cords.

Super saver, good for the environment

Thanks to its advanced energy-efficient design, the Hizero F803 uses only a fraction of the electricity and water required by comparable appliances. And, with minimal maintenance needs and economical replacement parts (brush roll every six months and cleaning roller every six months), you will save a bundle. Like an electric car, the Hizero delivers plenty of power with a minimum of noise. A big plus for cats, dogs and sleeping babies.

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