Our Story

Every great idea starts with a problem. Ours was not understanding why cleaning hard floors in the twenty-first century remained an inefficient back-breaking, bucket and mop chore!

Our starting point when Hizero was founded in 2013 was the belief that everybody loves clean floors, from stone or wood to cork and laminates, but most women and men loathe the time and effort it takes to clean them.

Sweating all the detail took us a little longer than expected. But the first revolutionary floor cleaning solution we innovated and then refined over and over prior to launching in 2017 was worth all the effort because of the way it helps people clean floors better, faster, and in less time.

The state-of-the-art Hizero cordless, upright all-in-one hard-floor cleaning solution harnesses revolutionary bionic technology called Hizero UltimateClean™, a powerful battery, and ergonomic design approaches that give consumers a versatile appliance that sweeps, mops, dries, and self-cleans.

The word bionic means biologically inspired engineering applied to products with greater powers of performance than their competitors. We use it because Hizero’s unique application of a polymer cleaning roller to remove a mess in a quiet and hygenic way was inspired by the way a dog uses its tongue to wipe a plate clean of both liquid and solids.

Hizero UltimateClean™ also differs from traditional vacuum cleaners and mops because it does not release dust or allergens, instead capturing them in specific compartments built into the slender body, making it a premium choice for people with an allergy or asthma.

So, it’s little wonder that Hizero quickly won numerous accolades for its radical technology, design and deliverables, including the U.S. 2018 VDTA Innovative Cleaning Technology of the Year Award, and Malaysia’s HOMEDEC 2017 Innovative Product Prize. It was also nominated for a 2019 IHA Global Innovation Award.

Our Mission & Vision & Purpose

We clean your hard floors like no-one else, leaving them beautiful and pristine


We exist to provide peace of mind to homeowners that their home environments are pristine clean, healthy, and always look awesome.


Empower people to enjoy cleaner, healthier, and easier lifestyles.


To enhance the life and wellbeing of people by helping them clean home and other environments more efficiently, effortlessly, and faster than ever before.


We promise to deliver you the ultimate cleaning experience. Because we care about you and your quality of life. we help you enjoy cleaner, more hygienic homes, faster and with much less effort. We live up to our pledge thanks to our bionic inspired technology, sophisticated design, service commitment, and care for all the things that inspire you.

Origin Of Bionic Cleaning Technology

Our revolutionary floor cleaning technology was inspired by how a dog laps up food (liquid and solid) with its tongue. And our “self-cleaning” concept stems from how a dog’s saliva works to remove germs. Neat huh?


HIZERO officially launches commercial activities in core global markets.



Hizero honored with nomination for an IHA Global Innovation Award, following on from a VDTA Innovative Cleaning Technology of the Year Award and Malaysia’s HOMEDEC 2017 Innovative Product Prize.



Trial sales in European and Southeast Asian markets.



Trial sales launched in the USA.



First generation prototype created.


Hizero sweeps into 2021 as finalist for top US Edison Award celebrating innovative brands making lives better

Revolutionary floor cleaning brand Hizero has been named a finalist in the Floor Care category for a prestigious Edison Awards prize, an annual competition honoring excellence in new product development, human-centered design, and innovation.


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